Rome: Pathway to Power

Adventure 1992 Dos Firstlight Humorous Historical

Make your fortunes in great Rome

Back when I was a kid, my first love was the advenuture game Twinsen's Oddysey. This little adventuring gem is very similar to the before mentioned because it provides humor, action and a lot of fun in a blink of an eye. The story : You are a former slave who is trying to make his fortune in the wide world and sets his eyes on the majestic Roman capital. The place is milling with people who are trying to please you or just make small conversation. You will encounter priests, other slaves, merchants, soldiers, each with a witty comment or a wise advice for your further progress. The gameplay is very linear- the game is consisted of episodes, each of which containing a task you have to perform to get to the next chapter of the game. The interface of the game is very practical and easy to use, the action is plentiful and the puzzles are interesting, all of which makes this game a truly wonderful adventure. You will be put in various fun and interesting situations and the game will keep surprising you every step of the way. Take this mix and add great graphics as an ingredients and you have a great recipe for hours and hours of enormous fun!

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