Quest for Glory

Adventure 1992 Dos Sierra Myth and legend Medieval Point and click

A hero's tale

The original Quest for Glory is a charming little adventure, very much in the light-hearted vein of Space Quest and which makes for an entertaining romp. This version however, is probably the one to go for, as it features vastly improved graphics which make the whole experience much more interesting. This one mixes in RPG elements to the familiar point-and-click gameplay, making it richer and deeper than the likes of Discworld in many ways, and which helps broaden the appeal. The story takes itself less than seriously and tells a nice little tale of a fantasy land troubled by witches, brigands and other such annoyances, and which requires a hero to sort things out. This is where you come in, as a would-be adventurer out to save the day. You start by picking a class, which affects things like combat and certain events and puzzles, before moving on to the game proper. This is a mix of pointing-and-clicking, exploration, puzzle solving, combat and conversation and it's this variety which is core to the game's appeal. This remake features much improved visuals as well as significant improvements to the interface, all of which help to make the game an absolute must play if you want a great fantasy adventure. The humor is broad but genuinely amusing for the most part, with the story having fun with the usual fantasy cliches and which proves highly entertaining. The new graphics are pretty lush, with lots of detail and great use of color, while the interface makes navigation a breeze. Throw in some clever puzzles and lots of variety, and you have a wonderful way to while away a Sunday afternoon.

A Classic, now in better graphics!!

This is a VGA remake of the 1989 adventure game and the first in this great series, followed by four more, each directly connected with each other. What is great about this game is that is successfully incorporates humor, puzzle solving in a typical Sierra humour. This game is the first Sierra to let the player choose a hero from three classes - Fighter, Magic user and Thief. The game is fantastically played with a point and click gameplay and is filled with good humor, action and puzzle solving, all first class level. This is the remake of the original, and now has improved VGA graphics that really do look splendid, colorful and detailed. The game's music is unfortunately not as good as the rest of the game, but is still pretty okay. In the end, we get a fantastic adventure game fit for all ages and one that is genre defining and memory making. I absolutely adore it. After this one, go and the play the game's sequel, Quest for glory 2.

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