Quest for Glory 1 - So you want to be a Hero

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Sierra Medieval Point and click

A point and click of epic proportion with a funny edge!

Quest for Glory 1 - So you want to be a Hero is a tongue in cheek game, that takes the tropes of most adventure and role playing games of the early 80s and concocts a brew of fun and making fun, that is really worth exploring! So, you're a very unlikely hero; but your moral compass is definitely set differently than in some other games. So, what you want to be looking for in this one is the tiny bits of dialogue that are funny, the puzzles that somehow manage to spoof classic high end puzzles that took themselves too seriously in pure blood fantasy adventures, and, on top of that, Quest for Glory 1 - So you want to be a Hero never really puts playability secondary. In fact, the entire series Quest for Glory, shares the same attributes and values, and is without a doubt playable, fun and well realized. Graphically it's definitely European cartoon styled, but with taste and a specific charm. So, if you want an adventure that knows how to take itself lightly, and yet produce results that are worth looking into, Quest for Glory 1 - So you want to be a Hero is definitely it!

A groundbreaking classing

This 1987 adventure game defined the fantasy adventure genre, making most other games to come but look alikes and clones in this fantastic series. This is the first installment in the series and follows the Hero of the game on a journey to detroy the baba Yaga who has cursed the mighty baron of the country and taken his children. The game filled with humorous, witty conversation, references to legends and myths and also includes characters from such children stories, baba Yaga being one of them. The game is adventurous, fun and hilarious. The graphics are really great for that time but if you mind the simple colors and grainy images, you can always try the Quest for Glory remake, released in 1991 with better and improved VGA graphics. The soundtrack is also very nice, and very authentic and fitting to the game's mood and atmosphere. Sit down at that console and lose countless hours fighting monsters, discovering new places, laughing your ass of, and, more than anything, having a tremendously good time.

The storyline rocks!

Here you have to use your smarts but also kick some arse and fight all sorts of gruesome enemies. Make a decision as to whether you want the original old 80's graphics or get the updated early 90's edition for the smoother look. It's a matter of choice. Really it's the adventure, the gameplay and the story which is what rocks anyway!

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