Extreme Assault

Action 1997 Dos Dosbox Blue Byte Arcade style Flight shooter

Pilot a chopper, pilot a tank! Bring destruction everywhere!

Extreme Assault is a combo action shooter game, in which you control a tank, the T1 Assault warhammer, and a chopper, a so called AH-23, which is only fictional. The missions vary, from dog fights, in the ai and on the ground, with missions where you protect objectives and soldiers or offer support, aerial or on the ground. Graphically, Extreme Assault is an alright looking game, but it's got that realism that is a bit lacking; it doesn't disturb you, but it's just lacking, without any spice if you will – it's without salt; without any remarkable elements. Other than that, most of the scenery elements are destructible, which, for a 97 game is really a feature that is impressive, and, furthermore, Extreme Assault is really intense and cool, playable and always exciting. A good comparison game can be Barrage (and a good alternative too!) also a sort of war game with action being at the core of it all, but nonetheless Extreme Assault creates such a beautiful experience, you're really going to like it a lot.

Fast action, but too easy

Extreme Assault is a game released in 1997, where you control a helicopter whose missions are based on military battles. Its publisher, Blue Byte was purchased by Ubisoft, a respected company who delivers innovation and creativity with every game that comes out. Blue Byte, the same who also published the popular games Battle Isle and The Settlers. I liked especially the less talk and the more fast action developed on a 3D world with very good graphics. The controls are made for easy operations, not only for flying the helicopter, but also for the shooting with the military chopper. I say this because aiming is smooth, so is the oversight while maintaining the helicopter in the air. The real adrenaline lays here: when you shoot enemies, going towards or among them at a high speed, and at the same time you don't have to worry about crashing on the ground. Well, because of how easy this game is, I strongly believe that even the rookies will finish it in short time. The sound effects are also making your job less difficult, because they keep you aware of being thrown down by the enemies. Also, even the maps help you completing objectives. I don't recommend Extreme Assault for those that seek for a stronger and a more serious action. Either way, I enjoyed it.

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