Iron Assault

Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Virgin Interactive Robots First Person

Amazing action game with a good plot

It's a robot action game where you have giant robots all set to do some serious hardcore action. The plot is futuristic as the world in far future has been taken over by giant corporations and they use there Robots to kill the strikers and to enforce their ideas and action on to the people. The people have started rebellion and they want to free the world from these malicious and evil corporations. They need players that can effectively control their Mega Bots to overtake the world from these corporations. It is a first person game where you have one large screen and one small screen. The large screen will give you all the action and the small one will be used to see some angles and views such as the damage view, radar view, and target locking etc. Every new mission will be longer and tougher. You can select different weapons and missiles for your robots and can practice to use them in the practice room. The game has a very diverse gameplay in terms of the options and the surprise elements that pop up during the game. It's a classic save the world game with some real good action and some awesome graphics. It is the same detailed action which you might have seen in MechWarrior.

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