Home Alone 2 - Lost In New York

Arcade 1992 Dos Dosbox Capstone Platformer

Worst game ever?

Based on the popular movie of the same name, Home Alone 2 is perhaps one of the worst games in history and is certainly best avoided by all but the most masochistic of gamers. Loosely following the movie's plot, the game sees the cute/irritating (delete as applicable) character of Kevin McCallister as he finds himself pursued through the streets of New York by the bandits from the previous film. Only by cunning use of items like garbage cans, bananas etc can you hope to avoid their clutches and win the day. There really is very little that is positive to say about this game, and playing it makes for a depressing experience. In this respect, it follows in the footsteps of most movie tie-ins, only this is perhaps one of the worst. The graphics are ugly, with crudely defined sprites that resemble a child's most feeble attempts at drawing, while backgrounds are equally unpleasant, with nasty textures and a vile colour scheme. Sounds fares little better, with coarse effects and music that are painful to listen to, but it is the gameplay which is perhaps the greatest offender. Levels are simple, repetitive and just poorly conceived and designed, and when combined with everything else that is wrong about the game, this makes Home Alone 2 a definite contender for most awful game of all time. Don't waste your time.

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