Eye of The Storm

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox Rebellion Flight Space flight

Truly epic space simulation

A space simulation is what it is but has some distinct traits which are not common with other games in this vast and exciting genre. The plot is very common where you have the role of a space commander who will command a space ship and will be going on a wide verity of missions. The first great thing in the game is that the set up or the environment are very space like and they are supported by some very good HUD animations. These features make you really feel like being involved in a space combat. The second great feature are its great 3D polygonal graphics which allow you to explore all the dimensions and do all the frantic action. The action is quite fast paced and happens in real time and the enemies are quite diverse and tough as well. You will be flooded with different spaceships which you will counter at a time. Customization options have also been incorporated which allow you to enhance the features of your ship such as weaponry, power, fuel etc. The gameplay is very smooth and lag free and the controls are prolific for all combat game lovers. The ship handling dynamics are great and you will have many options on board. It reminds me very much of Wing Commander which is a great space flight simulation series.

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