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Space shuttle simulator: very intricate

Orbiter is a game that preceded Shuttle by a few years, however, in truth, it contained quite as complex a simulation of what it means to keep a space shuttle in orbit, to maintain it, with repairs, to keep it functional basically. This version, one could argue, is even more realist in terms of complexity and true to the way a classical, real life space shuttle would function. While those that love true simulations will rejoice, those that were looking for just a casual game will have a less fun time with it. That is so because the amount of interface options and elements that need to be learned, because they aren't immediately recognizable is pretty huge. You will love it though if you have a propensity for highly sophisticated and advanced dials and options and other such elements, because, these elements aren't there just for the looks, they are all functional, and they all perform an activity that is taken directly from the instrument board of a real shuttle. Less impressive is the EGA graphics with which this entire set of controls is offered to you, but then again, for a 1988 game is more than enough.

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