F-15 Strike Eagle III

Simulation 1992 Dos Microprose Flight Military

Top notch combat flight sim

Microprose is well known for its detailed and authentic military sims, with the likes of Gunship, M1 Tank Platoon and F19 - Stealth Fighter to its name. The Strike Eagle series is one of their most popular franchises, offering players the chance to jump into the cockpit of the legendary fighter plane and this third instalment is perhaps the best in the series. The game takes place across the world, with players experiencing combat zones in Iraq, North Korea and Panama, all of which are accurately modelled and highly detailed, with famous landmarks like the Presidential Palace in Baghdad represented in all their glory. Your plane is equipped with plenty of destructive weaponry, including Vulcan guns, missiles of various types and both free-fall and laser-guided bombs, while the intense missions on display here usually requiring the destruction of specific targets, with both primary and secondary objectives available. Strike Eagle III is a pretty impressive sim that holds up well today. Its focus is very much on full-on combat rather than super-realism, but it manages to feel authentic enough while providing the kind of thrills that arcade flying games like Afterburner cannot provide. The dogfights are fast and furious, with players really feeling like they are in the cockpit, and with the controls being nicely responsive and fluid, which makes flying highly accessible but complex to master. The graphics are pretty decent, with good levels of detail and a nice sense of speed, so all in all, if you are after a slick and enjoyable combat flight sim, this is a safe bet.

Good air combat action simulation

F15 3 is a prolific air combat simulation game which is the third edition in the Strike Eagle series. It has much the vibe and the sizzle that is needed in a combat game and is more fun than arcade style combat games. The objectives that have been set in the game are to destroy the appointed targets in which some are primary and the other is secondary. In doing so, you will have to avoid the friendly ones. The plane that is there has been equipped with M61 Vulcan and has the feature of both air to ground and air to air missiles. The navigation guide provided in the game is quite helpful along with the user interface which is very interactive. Similarly the design of the combat setting and the actions and the moves that have been incorporated are quite realistic. For completing every mission, you will be honored with various medals and it's really an awesome feeling. The graphics are way beyond what one would expect from a game of those times as they are surprisingly good with beautiful textures and creativity. Similarly the controls which allow you to fly the plane are very responsive and swift to support a fine gameplay.

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