F1 2000

Racing 2000 Windows Electronic Arts Formula one

Fast and entertaining F1 racer; worth playing

F1 2000 was originally released for the PS1 and as such, it wasn't the most graphically entertaining game out there; the draw distance was pretty limited, the F1 bolids were pretty jaggedly and the overall construction of the game was nothing to go crazy about. Thus, it kind of was a near miss. However, the PC version was consistently ahead of the console version; you could set the game to see more in depth in the track, the overall pixel count was higher and overall, the game was just better. Now, in terms of game modes, you had the option of a hot seat mode, where you could race against up to 22 (yes, twenty two players) and there was also a split screen racing option. Thus, F1 2000 had them sheer power and the material to offer you a whole bunch of options and a whole bunch of material to keep you playing for long hours, and on the PC it was really a visual treat as well. So, if you have a moderately alright (!) PC today and look for a rather modern but not too resource hungry F1 racer that feels modern and powerful, this can be it. Another alternative can be the Grand Prix series, where the third title in the series really kicks and screams and creates this beautiful experience, thoughF1 2000 is pretty well built as well and worth playing.

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