F1 Championship Season 2000

Racing 2000 Windows Electronic Arts Team management

Modern, hardcore F1 racer

F1 Championship Season 2000 doesn't mess around; if you ever played a truly hardcore formula one racer you will know what to expect: very realistic physical behavior from the vehicles, very well put together graphics, an almost too overwhelming set of vehicle options to change the behavior of your car, starting from tire pressure and moving into air flow modifications via aileron angling and so on. Graphically, F1 Championship Season 2000 is the type of game that, absent the current particle effects, camera effects, postprocessing effects (blur, HDR, etc.) looks great. Yes, the models of the vehicles can always benefit from a little more polygons, and indeed, in F1 Championship Season 2000 you will see some jaggedness, but nothing to aggravate you. Otherwise, the game offers you just enough of a backdrop, with the stands being populated by highly pixilated sprites, but that is not going to take you out of it. Nope, F1 Championship Season 2000 is a very lively game, difficult at times but playable with the right controller or wheel controller. It is very similar to F1 2001, and, I would argue a game that can easily stand tall next to 2013 productions, without issues.

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