F1 2002

Racing 2002 Windows Electronic Arts Formula one Car simulation

I assure you that it will reach your high expectations!

EA Sports is determined to convince us that its game named F1 2002 deserves to win the prize for the best Formula 1 simulator! Let's see how this game excells itself in a way that makes its contestant jealous. There are five modes of playing: Driving School, Race, Championship and Multiplayer. You can change your vehicles speed, handling and you can also test them before each race. The animations are professionally done, the sounds and graphics are high quality, and the interface is intuitive and nice. Unlike Grand Prix, F1 2002 has sexy ladies at starting grid. The camera angles aren't so numerous, but they are carefully planned and elaborated, so is the rendering of the tracks. About the vulnerability of your racing car, at every crash you will experience significant damage, so it will be extra sensitive at impacts and it will be extremely easy for you to destroy it completely. Some big improvements of this game are related to the car's controls (which are splendid and more convenient) and the multiple options and possibilites to change its settings. Personally, I haven't experienced bugs throughout the game, so this is a huge plus. Play it without worries and I assure you that it will reach your high expectations!

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