Racing 1993 Dos Dosbox Domark Formula one Driving

A colorful F1 racer

Initially developed for the Amiga home computer, F1 got a version released for teh DOS disk operating system as well, The game was pretty serious as it was the kind that was FIA licensed and tried to apply as much serious simulation bits to the core gameplay. But the reality is, this is your average kind of arcade racer, with a few too many options available which don't really make much of a difference. Graphically the game is awesome, very fast and very smooth for a forward scrolling sprite based game. You'll even be fooled here and there into believing the game is genuine 3D, but it's not. It manages its quality and speed of graphics by keeping things as simple as possible (plus, it was released in a time period when computers were fast enough, 93). But anyway, the problem is the on rails feel of these sprite based racers, which here, due to the speed of it, feels even more evolved than ever. But, compared to my all time favorite sprite based racer, Lotus, it manages a good enough job and sure is much faster than it. So, I guess, if you love that pseudo 3D style, you'll love it in this game as well.

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