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Sweet variation on the Pipes classic

Nothing wrong with a classic game of pipes but after a few averted floods the game may become a bit tedious. Well, if you're not done with that kind of simple gameplay, but want to put a spin on it, this is the game to try: Antrun changes it up by making you try to build a pipes puzzle which will be traversed by ants. Instead of throwing bits of piping your way, it offers you the set pieces already arranged in their respective squares, only that they need to be rotated so that the eventual maze leads towards an exit. Quite a smart puzzle concept and in some ways more realistic then water pipes! Graphically I'd say that the game looks much cleaner and better than the original Pipes for DOS, sports a more luminous interface and as you'd expect is so simple to control. The later stages surely can get a bit more difficult but the learning curve is none too hard. So that is it for Antrun, basically a new take on a classic game that I really loved, and am always happy to see rehashed in novel ways.

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