Falcon 3.0

Simulation 1991 Dos Dosbox Spectrum Holobyte Flight Military flight

Lovely but dated flight sim

You could think of the development of flight sims (on the DOS platform, the arcade scene was a bit different, having developed at a faster rate) as bound to ages, with the early mid 80s releases being almost laughable by today's standards, with a period of learning and refining (and also trying to promote 2D graphical engines that tried to look as 3D as they could!) and, with the beginning of the 90s, the development of actual 3D graphics cards as the era when the games could actually endeavor to be realistic Well, Falcon 3.0 is right on that cusp, between dusty middle ages and the beginning of the shift towards real 3D. Thus, graphically, Falcon 3.0 sure is no prize, but its combination of statics for the cockpit interior and the genuine (though as bare as they get!) 3D outside world work towards an okay experience. Sure, you're not going to be awe struck by it, but it works, and after a few dog fights you're sure to forget about the lack of details and altitudes. That's because, from the standpoint of behavior in mid air as well as in terms of joystick handling, there isn't much to reproach this game. It works and it works better than I would have expected! Oh, but Falcon 4.0 takes it really in the realm of early modern, believable flight simulation, so do see that one as well. That's an actual simulator in full swing!

Fly with real time experience

This classic flight sim game is said to be the father of all modern flight simulation game. Falcon 3.0 is a great flight simulation game. It was published by Spectrum Holobyte and developed by Sphere, Inc. in 1991. This classic simulation game will give you the real time experience of flight. Falcon 3.0 has more improved graphics and sounds quality than its prequel Falcon. Today there are lots of flight simulation games with better graphics but Falcon 3.0 is still considered one of the best flight games ever. The menus are full of missions and campaigns. This is not just a simple flight sim. It gives a flavor of real war experience. You will find the F16 with more than 100 pages of manuals. One of the drawbacks of this game is that the 3D graphics is not that great compare to other flight simulation games now. But still in early 90s this simulation game was a great hit. When I started playing this game I played it for hours. This game has a great depth and some stunning missions. It can be rated 4 out of 5.

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