LHX Attack Chopper

Simulation 1990 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Flight Military flight

Helicopter game with crude graphics but nice physics

Don't expect a modern, highly detailed graphic fest in this game, however, for the technology available at the beginning of the 90s and for the amount of realism that was put into it, it sure deserves a thumbs up. This game is a helicopter sim with relatively poor graphics and with a well implemented physics engine that translates well in the movement of the helicopter as well as the realism of battles. The ground and the sky are very poor in details, and this, the seemingly desert landscapes do a good job at keeping the textures low and the polygons as well, quite contained. But the movement of your helicopter and the simulation that is attempted at the level of damage simulation is a good achievement. Another good thing about the game is the diversity of missions, which can ever rival that of the Comanche series, though, you can't expect as many elevation or stealth play due to the main plane areas the game draws. All in all, if you want to experience this game, it won't feel as unapproachable as one would expect from a 90s simulator but it won't entice to long hours spent within it. Nevertheless, what it achieves with the little available at the time is simply put outstanding.

Blackhawk down!

While soft on realism, and graphics designed well before 3D hardware, this can be a fun little diversion to play. Just don't expect a whole lot. There are several helis to fly and lots of weapon choices. Missions are laid out for each heli from the Blackhawk through the AH64, V22 to the LHX. You can fly any bird in any order and most of the missions are a lot alike. There is no mission designer but there is a free-flight mode for each bird, again, not a great sim but it has a certain charm.

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