Falcon 3.0: Operation: Fighting Tiger

Simulation 1992 Dos Spectrum Holobyte Flight

Great flight simulation

Here Falcon 3 Fighting Tiger, a flight simulation game which involves some very devastating and thrilling combats that are enough to set your pulse rating big time. The first good feature in the game is that you will see diversity in the scenarios or the missions that are there in the game. Every mission or scenario will engage you to do a lot of things. You have some very good aircrafts of those times and these aircrafts have been modelled quite perfectly in terms of the designs and the flight physics. The battles that you do using these planes are quite realistic in the sense that the control of the planes is not simple. You have to consider the speed and the altitude when you make certain moves and turns and you also have to take care of the fuel. You will engage both in dogfights and will also need to destroy enemy targets on the ground. It also involves many navy missions and therefore anti-ship missiles have been added to the weaponry system. The graphics in the game are very alluring and the exploration value is also great. The user interface is also good and the controls are pretty responsive as well. Knights of the Sky is another very thrilling air combat simulation.

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