RPG 1997 Windows Interplay Strategic scope Futuristic Science Fiction

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A strategy/RPG/action set in the universe of the eponymous movie

This game is mostly an action type adventure, with its low level strategic and RPG bits, which puts you in a story that follows the one that the Waterworld movie created, the one with Kevin Costner that flopped at the box office. So, you will either have missions where you are supposed to steal weapons and find supplies or water, which are played with more than just one character, in a sort of RPG/strategy mix, or you play as one single character, when the action is mostly third person RPG like. The game contains about 20 missions, and basically the entire roaster will make use of these types of interactions, and types of missions , either played by yourself or with more units at your disposal. Yeah, it can get a bit boring after a while, but you're offered cutscenes that are pieces of the movie after most missions, so that can keep you going. An alright game, nothing too fancy, but great, nonetheless. Besides, with the resource management bits, you are going to be in for an okay ride, multifaceted and pretty interesting all along. Alternatively, play the arcade version, Waterworld 95, more of a shooting gallery on rails type deal.

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