Fantasy Empires

Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox Silicon Knights Empire management Fantasy

D and D delight

This game is perfect for D&D and fantasy fans and entusiasts. Fantasy Empires is a role-playing fantasy wargame for DOS made by Silicon Knights and published by SSI in 1993. The game uses the Dungeons & Dragons license, and is set in the fictional world of Mystara. After you set up your character by chosing its race and alignment, you can play in a campaign or single scenario in which you can play against a maximum of 4 other players, computer generated or human. The objective is to rule the country, and the way it's gonna be done depends on the alignment of your character (neutral, chaotic or good). The difficulty of the game depends on the quantity of your opponents and their race. Novices in this kind of game will probably be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the details needed to succesfully play the game (character setting, lots of options for gameplay and battles) but expreienced RPG players will have no problems with it at all. The graphics are solid for a DOS game, and the sounds are very fantasy-warlike which will surely put you in the right mood. Again, this game is primarily for hardcore fantasy and RPG veterans, but I would welcome anyone to try it out because if you give it a try, you are guaranteed a good time.

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