Heirs to the Throne

Strategy 1992 Dos Dosbox German Design Group Empire management Fantasy

Lords of the Realm like but more compact

Heirs to the Throne is a small and well produced strategy game, in the same vein as Lords of the Realm but a lot more compact, simplified. Nonetheless, there is a tactical/positioning of troops and order of attacks portion to it, there is also a portion where all you have to think about is how to manage your troops in the long run, as well, as, as you'd expect, a portion of economic gameplay. Heirs to the Throne looks very 8bit like, like it was a strategy game created for the NES, which might not be the greatest calling card for it. The problem is that it just doesn't look that good, really; the number of tiles (and especially the number of intermediary tiles) is too small, and the ones included do not blend too well. Thus, unless the gameplay doesn't capture you, there are just too many better options out there. Also, adding insult to injury, the game has the most obtuse of interfaces you'll ever find anywhere, and the lack of intuitive controls kind of make me tether on the side of avoiding this one, as much as you can! Sorry Heirs to the Throne, you should have tried a little harder!

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