Warlords 2

Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox SSG Strategic Studies Group Empire management Fantasy

Strategy an role playing in a comprehensive suite

Warlords 2 is a well done combination of real time strategy and role playing (based on heroes) where you play either skirmishes or the main campaign, if you want to experience the story mode of the game. Overall the game is simple, with perfect 180 degrees top down graphics. The role playing portion is not too complex; basically, every time you start the game you can choose a race, a type of alignment, either based on melee, ranged or magic, and you can go on your way. The strategy portion is a regular base building and then rushing the enemy kind of strategy, with different resources depending on the hero you've built. Overall, it's easy to play, the AI is smart enough, yet nothing too special; as long as you rush him, or even employ base expansion strategies, you can be sure to win the game, which is a great way to get most missions finalized. However, a few of the missions are set pieces, where no base building can happen, and the game is more action oriented. Not as great as Warlords Battlecry, but within that range.

Simple strategy making game

Warlords II is a strategy game with a very common and conventional theme for the games developed in the nineties. The plot or the theme is that you will be managing an empire which you will first need to build by conquering vast domains and cities. The goal is to build your units and then conquer and advance. The plot is based on the central Europe and is a complete civilization which has differences and these differences have caused to create chaos and havoc. You have to reach your goal of conquering cities and you will need to build your own military units through strategy and then manage them and use them to your liking. The game involves puzzle solving and taking strategic and diplomatic decisions. The narrations in the game are very good and the UI is so facilitating that it makes playing the game quite easy. It does not involve any workers or other people and all you have is your military. This makes the game a bit short on variety and diversity but still it is fine with the gameplay. What really makes the game lag behind is the simple graphics which are not much inviting and are not well designed. The game is a good one time try but its sequel which is the Warlords 2 Deluxe is far better, so, try both for a complete Warlord experience.

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