Fatal Fury 3

Action 1995 Windows Interplay Beat em up

Looks a bit too much like Street Fighter; but plays nice!

Fatal Fury 3 doesn't really state its intent, that of cannibalizing the Street Fighter series, which it definitely does, but it does so in ways that that are at times easy to see, and at times harder to see. The most close call similarity between the two games is the graphical one; within the game Fatal Fury 3 even the fight text animation, the countdown clock till the battle begins is similar to that of Street Fighter! Then there are the fighters; some of them are rather generic, but a few will remind you of the Street Fighter Roaster, both in looks, and if not in looks, completely, then in the combos and the moves. Yep, the moves, some of them are stolen without even changing the animations too much! But, here's the deal; many have tried to take the cues of Street Fighter and haven't really done a lot with them; this game form interplay took the time to analyze what makes a fighter game works and it borrowed the great things about S.F. Thus, it works, it plays nicely, and, furthermore, because, after all the game was released by Interplay, it controls nicely on a computer, in DosBox, without asking you to contort your fingers or to need some time to get used to some lack of synchronization between the animations and their effects, or the keyboard presses.

I enjoyed it

Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory is an action fighting game released in 1995 by SNK, and also a sequel to Fatal Fury Special, the next edition of Fatal Fury 2 fighting game. You will have the possibility to fight with people from different countries, and the story unfolds as you progress in your battles. Some of the characters from Fatal Fury Special appear in this game, and some are missing. But, SNK added new characters in this one, that possess unique fighting abilities. Unlike the previous games, where you fight on two different levels (one that is close to the camera, and one that is far from it), the battles in Fatal Fury 3 take place closer to the camera. Also, the levels are easier to change. The attacks are animated in a realistic way, the graphics are solid, the sound effects are good, and the background is spacious, showing there is enough room for adopting various combat movements. The visuals are improved, giving a new feeling about the gameplay. There is a faster and more dynamic three plane action format, that replaced the two-plane battle stages. Note: If you have no idea what you are doing, you will get your ass kicked a looot. So, be careful, quick, accurate and cautious. I enjoyed the improved and faster system of this game, and I am sure you will love it too.

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