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Over the top testosterone heavy fighter with monsters!

Overkill is a monster based fighter game, one that really takes its cues from the classics such as Mortal Kombat, but runs with it in a very cool and fashionable manner. It's definitely well produced, it has all the elements that one would ask of it, and, today, in retrospect, while it might be a bit too funny to take seriously, with its green monsters and its wacky animations, it's nonetheless so much fun! The entire game is out of bound masculine, which is cool, a great game to play t parties where the people there like fighting games, but you want to surprise them! Because Overkill is almost unknown, even if alright and playable, having that cheesy over the top nature that just puts a smile on your face! Yeah, the animations are a little too far between, but even so they won't impact your ability to play and have a good time with this one. So, overall, when cheesy fighter games is the name of the game, Overkill does it like no one else. Download it and let the cheese fest begin! Or else go to your favorite DOS or early Windows version of Mortal Kombat!

Flashy looks are the only advantage

A standard fighting game with some make-up - that's how I'd best describe this game. Overkill really looks fantastic, I'll give them that. We have very cool 3D characters against a 2D background in a cool space theme and when they move they look better than in any other game from that game. It's all well and nice, but what's the use if the game itself is less than average? There are seven characters from different galaxies at your disposal, and frankly, they all look like a ripoff from some action flick. There are only three standard moves that are not too different from each other, a couple of special moves and one super move, all very easy to achieve with just a couple of hits on the buttons. There is no story line, no explanation, so the game feels quite empty and meaningless. These characters are basically just faces that can kick around. Aside from the cool graphics, there is absolutely nothing that makes the game stand out from any other average fighting game. If you want to play the game be my guest but don't have too much expectations otherwise you'll be greatly disappointed.

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