One Must Fall 2097

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Epic Megagames Beat em up

Fighter game with edgy robots

I bet you're going to find this game interesting from the perspective of the graphical style of the combating characters it has. While at heart a combat game in the same vein as Mortal Kombat, instead of ninjas, drifters and assassins, this game features some very interestingly drawn robots. The graphic style is a combination of transformers which took too much to the sharpening grinder, evolving all sorts of triangle edgy bits and pieces. It's a very mid 90s game that's for sure, and it's not half bad in terms of playability either. All robots share a couple of main moves and other regular fighting style elements, while they do have one or two moves that are not shared between them. They don't have magical powers, so no shooting Hadouken balls, but they can teleport or engage in some sort of time slowing array of movement. Graphics wise, the game uses backgrounds that are static 3D renders which feature no other animated objects. The robot players also seem to have been rendered in 3D initially but then reduced to a 2D set of slides. Not bad, really, just not too lively. At any rate, the fights are ok, and you'll want to progress just to see what other mechanoid creature will challenge you again. It's a game sure worth a play a session, though nowhere near as exciting as MK or the later Street Fighter games.

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