FIFA Soccer 2006

Sport 2005 Windows Electronic Arts Soccer World competition

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Not as great as the 2004 version, but great nonetheless

A normal iterative release, as EA had already showed us, this title was just what you'd expect from consecutive releases. It showcased teams that had been around in 2004 and 2005 and it was just a hint better looking than older titles. It didn't have no gimmick or new ideas to showcase, but it packed the normal modes to be expected from it. And, as long as they worked no one had reasons to complain. The 3D perspective, with its fixed situation camera angles works as good as you could expect, without blowing your mind or anything, it just gave you enough to keep playing. Probably those that are soccer aficionados to a degree that is bigger than me, and who are also nostalgic, will find this title a nice trip to the past, I found it mostly annoying because of the controls, which, for a Konami soccer sworn fan, may feel a bit off the grid. But, for nostalgic of that particular season, maybe they will approach the title with a bit more patience and it will speak differently to them. At least, in case there's no way to get to hangs with it, there's no shortage of FiFa titles out there!


Released on October 2005, the game was highest selling game of the FIFA series, at the time, ahead of its predecessor FIFA 2005 by over 100.000 copies. Now that mean that we would get a better game, right? Well, right indeed because FIFA 06, for me, was an improvement over its predecessor, yet not quite a perfect soccer game. The controls are good and not too complicated, the commentators are okay, they're your typical English commentators, the music selection is good, but the graphics aren't that great. It seemed like the developers didn't have time to finish the graphics, but it's not awful like in other games. In conclusion, everyone who wants to play a good soccer game, not very old and with simple controls than FIFA 06 is the game you'd like!

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