FIFA Soccer 2002

Sport 2001 Windows Electronic Arts Soccer World competition

Good, modern gameplay soccer game

FIFA Soccer 2002 still has some issues, there are clipping animations, there are rather poorly choreographed sequences and very unnatural movement from the players at times, but, overall, the game has evolved tremendously from past iterations of real 3D engine soccer sims. The game is still pretty unbalanced at times, especially on harder settings, as the tackle animation clicks in automatically, and doesn't give you time to react. It simply snaps, to a pre-animated mode, which is basically an outside event. At any rate, it doesn't destroy the matches, but it makes playing the game, after a couple of session, a bit redundant and unpleasant. Other than that, you get more than enough teams to pick from, you have the strategic alignments to pick from and you're set to go. I can call this game modern and I can genuinely offer it as a viable alternative to modern soccer games, without any issues. You can play it today, and without any hesitation, the game won't feel half bad or broken. It's just not perfect, but perfectly playable without question.

It seems boring

I never played the game, but, looking at the video I have the feeling it's very ugly and boring playing it. Have a look and you can see the absence of tackle and the really bad AI of the players who chase the ball in any case. Definetly a bad game, EA sports made another bad commercial chapter of this soccer serie.

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