Final Fighter

Action 2001 Windows ZOK-Software Unconventional Top down

Tank arcader 101!

Here's the deal: you are a tank, and the world is full of other tanks that are against you! Kind of like the Ent kingdom you are on your own and no one is on your side! But, thankfully, the developers have given you enough materials of war that you can shoot in the direction of the enemies, so that you can see them no longer bug you! The game is a very cute modernized 16 bit like in terms of looks, but still very simple, though you won't feel as if you are missing any controls or anything else of that sort. Nope, from that point of view Final Fighter is a totally playable game. Plus, controlling your little tank is not only very simple and welcomed, it is also a question of instinctual and habitual WASD-ing which, is the best thing about this game! Content wise it's sufficiently expansive, with levels that, while thematically well put together, still manage to create the best possible impression you could ever hope for. So, yeah, tank arcader wise, it's one of the ones that is worth looking into. Alternatively, though, you might also want to check out other arena games, maybe a little bit of Quake if instead of tanks you favor bipedal creatures of doom!

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