Final Orbit

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Innerprise Software Robots

Robots must fight one another to the end!

In Final Orbit you get in the metallic skin of a robot, looking to take on others of your kind and destroy them. Hover, this is not some lame robot fighter game, this is a proper action game, with managerial bits that plays from a top down perspective and does a really nice job of it all. So, the idea is the following: try and find the weak spots of the opponents and then go for it, at the opportune time. It takes a while to sink in, and it does so without too many issues. But, more than anything, Final Orbit simply takes the fighting to the next level by giving you the ability to enhance your robots. These enhancements are in the form of new weapons, of new and improved abilities, and so, the game truly only begins when you find out that you have all these extra additions to it, that you can use in your advantage. At any rate, the game could have been a bit more polished graphically, but honestly, the way it looks is not half bad. It's rather just that it looks a bit like people that put their time into it didn't care that much. Else, download MechWarrior, a first person mech driving game, and a pretty cool and satisfying one too.

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