Final Assault

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Climbing the Mont Blanc simulator

I love these games that came out of nowhere to simulate things that no one ever consider simulating! I mean, for instance, there are (German!) simulations out there that allow you to act as an almighty... street cleaner, for instance, but this one game here, Final Assault is actually pretty gracious about what it wants you to achieve, if a little (alright, very!) niche oriented. So, what you will be attempting to do in this one will be to escalate Mount Blanc, a task that is cut into smaller, more palatable pieces, pieces that are delivered puzzle style. It's thus a game of timing mostly, but underneath it, there is an instance of choices, like in a management game, where you get to check for weather, supplies, choose whichever path you consider better suited for you and so on. Also, you are under a strict energetic expenditure check, so you have to keep that in mind too, so it pays to rationalize your effort. Yeah, all things considered, it could have been almost any other mountain peak (well, relatively anyone!) because, ultimately, what you get is a very arcade minigame collection, plus the other option based menu. Anyway, if you feel like trying a more involving mountain sport, how about this one: Extreme Mountain Biking, as the name suggests, a game about biking mountain slopes, arcadey but very much fun.

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