Little Fighter

Action 1997 Windows Oriental Beat em up

Multiplayer fighter only, for up to 4 players

The minimalism and cartoonishness of this title is what makes it so interesting and so beautiful to sink into. However, this one can't be played alone, this is a multiplayer fighter only. And, while most such games are playable in versus mode only, in this one you can also play in dual challenges. The graphics are cute, but not particularly ornate, which is why you'll really find it nice and likeable, but also, truth be told, it won't keep you occupied for too long a time. That's not in the cards for this game mostly because it is not playable in too any scenarios, and also, when you only have 2 players, the control and combo scheme showcases itself as pretty minimalist. Yes, with 4 players the added difficulty of having 4 people on screen at all times works in its favor, but otherwise, it is just not worth the trouble. So, yeah, whether you want to or not, Little Fighter is a pretty cool game, one that does a great job and that knows how to make a great impression. Give it a try, it sure is worth it! Else see a Mortal Kombat game title, for singleplayer sessions.

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