Final Soccer Challenge

Sport 1998 Windows Brainchild Design Soccer

3vs3 soccer; fast and easy to control

If you're done with serious soccer games, or just want a speedier, simplified, all action oriented soccer games, in 2D, top down, and also easy to use, then you can rejoice! Final Soccer Challenge is all that, a 3 to 3 players on a smaller field, perfectly top down, fast to play and also pretty easy to control, with 3 controls in total, though most of the time you'll be using 2 buttons with the extra ones just for the directional controls. The gameplay is great for short and intense playthroughs, and the AI is perfectly fit to offer you exactly the kind of perspective and immediacy of action you crave. To top it all off, the game also presents you with a few teams that are quite different in between them, so better fit for defensive play, others lacking in defense but much faster and much more capable of shooting to score. Also, what you will like about this game is that you can score quite a few goals, and also, you can turn a match's outcome in just a few seconds if you play consistently. Surely it won't replace Sensible Soccer in terms of playability, but for smaller team soccer, it's surely a great choice.

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