Premier Manager 97

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Above average soccer simulation game

PM 97 is a classic soccer management simulation which has a flurry of options that are seen in real world of soccer managers. Start with the plot of the game, you will have 92 different teams to select from and most of these teams are the national teams from the English premier league. Apart from the national leagues, you can also get to play your teams in the international leagues. Starting with the management dynamics of the game, you can make the selecting of the players based on the well drafted and diverse stats that have been given in the huge player database. You can customize your team through using options of trading players and enhancing their skills. You will be running your team and will also be controlling other aspects such as finance, infrastructure, promotions and moral lifting. All the dynamics that are involved in the game are well executed as everything will have an impact on your career. There are two playing modes in the game, one is the manager mode and the other is the pro manager mode. The graphics are simple and colorful and the UI is very interactive. The game is pretty good and is better than the likes of Giant Killers managment game, similar altough in a different genre.

Only for true soccer managers

Sports is fun if you do it with friends. Playing sports at home, either on your PC or any other console is fun if you have friends to play with. Now playing a sports managing video game can have other reactions than fun. For me these type of games stress me out. I mean, it's not so bad if a game makes you think like a manager or a coach, but not how Premier Manager 97 does. I will make this review short because I'm not truly a fan of managing games. I neither hate nor love this game so I'll tell you shortly what this game is about: you pick a team from England's Premier League and you manage the team by trading in players or signing new players, managing your stadium, making sure that the team's balance go up and that's about it. There's not much to say about the graphics, because the game is mostly consisted of menus, so all I can say that the graphics are colorful. The music for me seemed okay, but nothing special. Personally, I've enjoyed The Manager, because it kept things simple and it wasn't that complicated. In conclusion, any fan of managing games, you might want to check this game out.

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