Fire Brigade: The Battle for Kiev 1943

Strategy 1989 Dos Panther Games World Wars

Campaign focused on the WWII 1943 Eastern front

This is the first wargame ever to make use of a mouse driven control scheme, something that you should really appreciate, today, as I'm sure you're used to this type of interfacing with war games. Yes, some controls are still bound to the keyboard, but then again, the pioneering work that Fire Brigade: The Battle for Kiev 1943 done, is to be saluted. At any rate, Fire Brigade is a well polished oldie, trying to give you reign over the events of the Eastern Front around 1943, when Kiev was under fire. Historically, I would say it's pretty accurate a game, though I'm definitely no expert. At any rate, the Russian front is well captured (with the hold of a graphical engine that, while, of course, 2D, makes full use of 256 colors, really easing the strain on your eyes) and the gameplay and your strategy will be very highly tank based and driven. The beauty of this battle is however in its relatively tightly balanced power arrangement, as both sides, German and Russian share similarly strong forces, though the way they're arranged and backed up can make a decisive difference. So, if you want to rewrite history you can do it, and you'll be dropped into a very high tension wargaming scenario, the kind that makes justice to such games. Thus, Fire Brigade: The Battle for Kiev 1943 is a must play for sure. Or, if you're in for tank driven wargaming, you might as well give Panzer Battles a go, a more diverse but still heavy on the tank strategizing wargame.

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