Fire Brigade

Strategy 1989 Dos Panther Games War Military

First class wargaming

Fans of hex-based wargaming would be well advised to check out this little known slice of historical fun. It shares similarities with the likes of White Death but is perhaps one of the best of this genre and provides exactly what any serious wargaming follower enjoys the most. This one throws players into the chaos of the Second World War in 1943 on the Kiev front and challenges them to take on a series of missions in traditional style for this style of thing. As usual, you have to worry about moving and supplying your troops as well as taking on your enemies and everything plays out in turn-based fashion on a tactical map which displays all sorts of useful information. If you are a beginner to this sort of thing, then Fire Brigade might not be the best introduction to the genre but if you are after something meaty to get your teeth into, then this is a fantastic option that needs to be played. The interface is pretty clean, slick and easy to pick up, so you should be able to move your troops around with relative ease and get cracking with the strategy. Speaking of which, you are going to need your A game here as the enemy puts up a pretty stiff fight right from the start and should challenge even hardened veterans. There's a strong element of realism here too, which adds to the appeal and the difficulty, so don't expect to get away with making crazy decisions. Visually, there's not a great deal of interest here with the game simply presented efficiently on a map-screen but it's the gameplay which is the star here so if you like this sort of thing, you need to play this one.

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