Typhoon of Steel

Strategy 1988 Dos Dosbox SSI World Wars

Good strategy, sequel to Panzer Strike

As far as top down, square based, not too difficult strategies go, Typhoon of Steel is a pretty good one. It drops you in a few scenarios that are based in the Second World War, and it brings forth the conflicts of the Pacific and Asia, mostly, with a few other maps as well. The West and East fronts are also included, and, overall, the level of detail for the game, its historical accuracy is alright. It's also, in ways, a game that is informed more by playability than total realism. In that vein, I'd say, you are going to love it specifically because it is easy to control, and if you don't mind having the true events of the second world conflagration distorted, then this game will deliver. The graphics are tile based, without a lot of tiles being used, so, the arcade feel of the game is furthermore enhanced by this almost cartoonish look. But, the fun you can have with the game is by no means limited by this game, not at all, and strategy fans of light games will surely love it. And again, don't think that this is so lite that it needs no strategic thinking, that you can play it as a puzzler, that isn't true also, but the WWII conflict is just looked upon from a much closer, down to the ground perspective. For a much more sprawling game, download Gary Grisby's Pacific War also from the same developer, but much more realistic.

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