Blitzkrieg: Battle at The Ardennes

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Battle of the Bulge in board game form

There is an eponymous WWI themed wargame in boardgame form, from Milton Bradley that is very similar to this one, that, however, is set in a fictional world. This game instead, while digitizing the rule set of that very same game, takes it in the actual WWI scene, and allows you to play and replay the Battle of the Bulge. The choice is pretty significant, mostly because it focuses on a particularity of that area, which had both city like elements but also other geographical constructs. Anyway, Blitzkrieg: Battle at The Ardennes is played in turns, on a hexagonal map, and the units are very simple, governed by 2 characteristics: movement per hexagon and firepower. Now, the strategy is simple: you have to make sure you conquer as much land, without putting your units in harm's way. It's hard to do, though, given the manner in which the game evolves, and also due to the terrain which can bestow you with additional movement points or have some removed from you. A good alternative can be Blitzkrieg 2 if you want to actually play a real time strategy, within a Second World War setting.

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