First Expedition

RPG 1987 Dos Interstel Corporation Isometric First person Science Fiction

Naval sim; pretty basic yet playable

A lot of First Expedition is delivered via text prompts, but you also get a visual top down interface, through which you can look at the placement of your boat and at the placement of the other boats. You can also check the currents, the weather forecasts and a lot of other details that are important to a navigator, and also control your ship from there on. All in all though, First Expedition is a pretty decent game, well done, well produced, with satisfying portions of text based interaction, and then checking this top down interface. Also, a cool addition is that you don't roam the Earth Bound sea, but instead you roam a sea on another planet, which is why some of the encounters can feel a little weird! But since this is an alien world it sort of makes sense and doesn't feel as weird! So, all in all, you should give the game a try, it's well done, produced with care and with a good amount of random events, fighting and so on. So, if you want to be an alien planet explorer/ pirate, this is the game to do it with. Else download Cruise Ship Tycoon for more serious and Earth bound naval operations and management.

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