Sundog: Frozen Legacy

RPG 1985 Dos FTL Games Isometric Science Fiction

A mini 4X that is lovely and more hinged towards RPG

You can call Sundog: Frozen Legacy an RPG and not lose a lot of precision in describing it, but what it actually is, given all of its gameplay bits and bobs, is a mini 4X experience. You play as if the game was a strategy at times, other times you'll feel like you're immersed in a cool futuristic RPG, and later on you'll play it as if the game is a space combat. Along with all these different genres, the game is also loooong, looong, loooong! Yap, you barely scratch at it if you only play it for, say, a few days; nope, what you need to do is actually play it for very long, months eve. Yap, that kind of takes it out of the leisurely, weekend game kind of category, though, definitely, Sundog: Frozen Legacy is a game that can be played in small chunk, though its addictiveness kind of makes that impossible, at least for hardcore strategy nd role playing freaks. Graphically, well, this might be the game's unmaking, as it surely doesn't look as good today, though it is a clean, alright game. Unfortunately, though, 1985 wasn't a time where games wehre known to be photorealistic, so if that is an important point for you, in picking up a game, then, maybe, this isn't the one you should choose! So for those of you that are graphically pretentious, but still want an immersive game, Elite 2 might do the trick better.

Classic space-themed game

Developed and published by FTL Games, Sundog had multiple release versions. It's a space trading/combat simulator in which you had to take into consideration many variables. You begin in a ship and your first job is to get your ship ready for lift off, you need to take care of the ship's circuitry, for it will break down after a while and will require repairs, ensure that you buy fuel, buy supplies and so on. After that, you will start you journey into space, exploring planets on many systems. Just don't forget to bring along a gun, not all worlds are friendly. Even today, this concept still lives on in many famous games, like EVE Online, so it's a rare gem all players should download and play once.

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