Day Of The Viper

RPG 1989 Dos Dosbox Accolade First person Science Fiction

Good action packed thrill

It is an action game which is a based on a futuristic theme and an interesting plot. The plot here is that you will play the role of a robot droid who is sent on a mission to deactivate a computer which has corrupted the system of a planet. The computer is controlling robots for its own protection and for spreading chaos all over. This action game is played from a first person perspective and has 3 D graphics which call for detailed and diverse action. Not only you have to deactivate the evil computer but will also have to reactivate the defense systems of the planet. The game has around 25 different levels which has been designed very well and in line with the futuristic theme. The designs are very innovative and unique and the modelling of the Droid and the other robots in the game have been quite good. At every level, you will engage in fights with robots and have to collect different discs that will be needed to deactivate the evil gar computer. The robots are of 33 different types with varied powers and skills and this calls for some tough action all the way. The other game which I would indorse here is Mines of Titan.

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