Mines of Titan

RPG 1988 Dos Dosbox Westwood First person Science Fiction

Its an oldy rpg game but is still gold

Old school RPG games like this one are normally very under rated but they are always worth playing because they have the tendency of being very addictive. The game is played from a first person perspective and has a Sci-Fi theme. It also features an overhead view which is also very exciting. It also contains the conventional elements such as minimap, leveling experience, training options and many other options. The plot is very decent and involves a turn base combat which is very enthralling. You found yourself on the moon titan and get engaged in the politics that is happening among the colonized bases there. You will have to build a strong and resilient party in which you can recruit new members from various different places and have the feature to buy guns and a variety of new items. The game is a very large one and cannot be completed easily. Similarly the gameplay is very diverse in terms of the content and the options that have been synced. The graphics are not very good but the exciting gameplay mitigates this flaw quite effectively. It's what you saw in Captive but this time you have some more elements to the gameplay.

Oldschool role game

Mines of Titan is an oldschool RPG resembling a Sci-Fi clone of the classic Dungeon Master games. It can be played both in a first person or an overhead view and has all the essentials of a early 90's RPG, such as a minimap, experience and leveling system, training options, turn based combat and a decent enough plot. You are on the moon titan and become involved in the politics of the colonised moon-bases littering the planet. You can recruit new members into your party from various places and buy new guns and items. It is quite a large game considering it installs at under 1 MB.

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