Five-a-Side Indoor Soccer

Sport 1986 Dos Mastertronic Soccer

Very early days, yet still playable, curiously so!

The palette of options that this 84 had to make itself run was so limited that it couldn't even go for a green field for the soccer players! Nope, the field is black as the blackest day (or as black as the white to black balance of your monitor allows!) and the players, seen from above are no more than a few pixels that look like they've stolen their features form road signs! But, hey, graphics, not even in this very incipient stage, don't make a game, and you'd be surprised to find that this one actually packs quite a nice gameplay when you set to play it. Sure, you'll learn that it is easily exploitable, but then again, you can't expect it to be much more complex. It's a technical gain and surprise that it even got to the point where it had gotten, you know, that it had managed to gain the edge that it managed to gain. As such, Five-a-Side Indoor Soccer is really a trip in time, but also, a playable experience for all intents and purposes. Alternatively, download Sensible Soccer, the simplicity of this one gets completed by unmistakable playability.

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