Microprose Soccer

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Early day action soccer, but actually playable!

Microprose Soccer, also known as Keith Van Eron's Pro Soccer, is a well produced action game of soccer, featuring 2 main modes of play, league or tournament, while also allowing you to battle your way in single soccer encounters. The game looks alright, early days 8bit DOS, and also, it has all the elements that you'd want out of it, the replay ability, the weather effects, the custom length choice toggle and more. At any rate, you will find that Keith Van Eron's Pro Soccer has a lot on its plate, a whole lot to offer, and graphically it is definitely a well produced game, the kind that you want to sink into day in and day out, no matter what. Also, when you want to kick it up a notch, the league and All Stars tournament is also pretty well produced. But the cool things with Keith Van Eron's Pro Soccer is that it has some cool extras, such as banana shots, ball bouncing and more. It's definitely got more on its plate than you'd imagine at first glance, and for that I do recommend it; it's definitely going to offer you a full measure of retro soccer. Else, download, say, World Cup Year 94, also packed full of diverse play options and well balanced.

Playing soccer old-school

Micropose soccer is a soccer sim game that is very advanced for its time for a huge freedom of choice to the player - they can choose their game mode and the option to play either indoors or on the open field - which wasn't a very common thing back in the eighties. This very old Amiga classic game has been poorly transferred to the PC and its biggest flaw must be a very clumzy control system. Still, the game has a ton of great advantages which is the reason the game was considered to be one of the best of the era! With a top down view, we can view the entire field in one shot which is very practical for players that want to properly strategize their movement. Even when this isn't concerned, the game still has a fabulous gameplay and fantastically written AI which will give you mountains of both fun and challenge. Sure, the graphics look a bit outdated. Still, if you disregard this minor setback, you'll still get a very good soccer game that will entertain you for hours.

Great soccer game from late 80s

In my opinion, Microprose soccer is a great soccer game. You can play friendship match with your partner, play championship match with stronger team, and even take part in the FIFA world cup. Every time you play it, you will encounter a new challenge, it is a classical game worth collecting. Although it's not so good as today's soccer game, it is a funny game, in particular when you will discover how to master "banana" shoot effect!

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