Michel Futbol Master & Super Skills

Sport 1989 Dos Dinamic Multimedia Soccer


This little known soccer simulator might be blessed with an overabundance of visual flash, but it sure packs a lot of action into a deceptively small package and if you love your old-school classics like Match Day and Football Manager, this one should also be added to your list of must-plays. There are actually two games here, the first, Super Skills, has the aim of teaching prospective pros the basics of computer-based soccer, and tests players skills in various areas, including dribbling, passing and shooting. The main game puts everything you've learned into action and sees you competing in a Eurocup, fought between eight European teams and which is played out via a classic overhead view of the pitch. It's very much an arcade-style approach to soccer, with little in the way of management aspects, and instead concentrates simply on fast paced and simple, but highly enjoyable, sporting thrills. You can control shot power and height surprisingly easy and it doesn't take too long to pick up the controls, making this a perfect choice for when you don't want to get bogged down in detail and just want to kick a ball around. This isn't exactly a classic of the football genre, but for old-school sports fans, it is a fun excursion into the past. The graphics have that delightfully tasteless colour scheme typical of the period but which is strangely charming nevertheless while there is even some crude digitised sound to liven things up. It's simple stuff but it plays at just the right pace to make it enjoyable so if you're looking for an excuse to play some soccer, then check this one out.

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