Silent Steel

Adventure 1995 Windows Tsunami Media Multimedia novel

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Interactive movie starring Brian McNamara

This is an interactive movie, a type of interactive experience that was quite popular during the later 90s. The game works just like a laserdisc era arcader such as the famed Dragons Lair. You watch a movie and during brief moments you have the option of choosing from a list of options. This mechanic is, as you can expect, more a kin to an interactive DVD game, and, some people won't mind it. However, the movie itself is a very poor low budget product, with an uncertain plot and with really bad actors. At any rate, if you're in the mood for a really bad B movie, so bad that it's fun just to watch the embarrassment on the faces of the actors, quite visible at time, you will be happy to know that the story operates on an American crisis to be averted mood. There are a few plot lines possible, given your choices during the moments you can interact with the movies, and, well, if you can stand the torture of a really bad collage of bad ideas, do go for it. Oh, and a honorable mention goes out to Brian McNamara, who stars in the int. movie, who would later on star in Seinfield, JAG and even in Star Trek Voyager. Good actors can come from humble beginnings too!

Bad acting over here

Silent Steel is a submarine-simulation videogame developed and published by Tsunami Games. This is one of those games that mostly focuses on full motion video sections with some computer generated graphics during some sections of the game. While the idea of FMV was kind of new to that age, it clearly shows that it would transit into a good game, so is the case with Silent Steel. The story of the game centers around the Idaho, an American submarine that has to evade a stolen Libyan submarine, which is equipped with things that would put everyone in danger. The gameplay is of a typical submarine simulation game, which is nothing new. The acting on the other hand is bad. The CGI parts, however, are quite well done and this is how the game should have been made. If you want a great submarine simulation game, stick to the Silent Hunter series instead.

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