Angel Devoid: Face of the Enemy

Adventure 1996 Windows Dosbox Mindscape Science Fiction Mystery Movie style

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Sci-fi mystical adventure

It is an adventure and a science fiction game which has a futuristic theme and a good plot. You are a cop whose role was to catch on the evil Angel devoid. He faces some accident and wakes up in some hospital where he finds out that the face he has now is that of his enemy and that has made him hit the list of wanted people. Now it's both about survival and killing the enemy. The game also involves some interactive elements where you will engage in conversation with people and have to make quick and right decisions to avoid being killed. You can also use you gun in some scenarios to avoid those who come to kill you. Your tough decisions at the right time is the key to solving the problem and the key to surviving. You can also engage in conversations with robots and every conversation will give you a hint to the next step. The level designs are good, interactive and diverse and that is mainly due the good interface that the game has. The graphics are also very good and the controls work great. The game you can say plays like Shivers and is a good recommendation by all means.

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