L.A. Law

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Capstone First person

Average startegy, good variety

The game involves the operations of a courtroom and is basically based on a renowned television series that featured the exact same name. Coming towards the plot of the game, you will be playing as an associate of a law firm and your duty is to carry out assignments that will be given to you by your seniors. There are three characters in the game which you can choose from and the ultimate goal is to win cases and make it to the top position in the firm. Coming towards the gameplay, it has its pros and cons which make it an average but still interesting game. You will first have to do a bit of homework with every case before you are actually summoned to the court for defending your client or point of view. The flaw in the game is that the logical dynamics of the cases are not that much consistent which disables the player to be rational or conventional all the time. The interface is not much interactive but the variety in the cases is truly extensive and interesting. You can also take help from library and do researches for finding clues. The game is overall good enough but there are better games in this genre like Return to Zork.

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