Puzzle 1995 Windows Atari Cartoon Design Tool

Memory based puzzler, tile flip based

FlipOut! is straightforward at first in the genre it puts forth. You will get a set of tiles that have a correspondent, but in order to find where that correspondent is you will have to take some guesses, flipping some other tiles in the meantime. However, don't just flip through the tiles mindlessly: try to make sure you remember the mini sceneries that are shown, so as to reduce the number of tries that you will need to make. The game puts you in check by both chronographing your performance, the number of flips you attempt and also, don't forget that there is a timer limit as well. The game, as I said is straightforward at first, but later on, it throws in a few new gimmicks and tricks to spice up the gameplay a little more, though the flipping of tiles mechanic will still be central to the gameplay. But these later additions further enhance the gameplay and your enjoyment, and they're really welcomed in these types of very classic puzzlers. Want an alternative or a similar game to try? Well, Nibbler is yet another brain teaser game, though a more action oriented one, and it can compensate for the more tactical and memory based focus of this more lenient puzzler here.

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