Big 2

Puzzle 1990 Dos TEGL Systems Corporation Board games Cards Strategic scope

Card based strategy, pretty original

I guess all card games are strategic, or puzzly, in some way or another, but few of them simulate a war, or a clash. But this game here, Big 2 does just that. You will be jostling against three other players, trying to dupe them, deceive them. Yap, it's that kind of game, with a really interesting game theory enacting kind of clash. Graphically the game is presented pretty alright, it's got no high stakes bells and whistles but for what it's worth it is alright, it gets the job done. Other than that I can't really praise or play it down, it's just the kind of game that doesn't try to impress you or to sweep you off your feet. It works but it never tries to take you to the next level, it just does the job it is supposed to get done and that is it. In terms of card games, I'd say it is surely harder and more intricate than a hand of Solitaire but certainly not as intricate as Bridge. That I think allows it to appeal to different skill level card players, who might want a more engaging experience than Solitaire but might not be game for who knows what very intricate game experience. Try it, it surely is for (almost!) everyone.

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