Flying Saucer

Simulation 1998 Windows Software 2000 Flight

Flight simulation with prolific variety

It is a flight simulation game which is very original and unique to its very core. The unique thing about this game is that you do not get to fly the conventional modern planes but instead you have an alien ship which you need to control and fly. To give you the feel that you are actually flying something out of this world, the controls and the dynamics that are present in the ship have been made tough to master and will demand you to play the game over and over. The plot is that your girlfriend has been kidnapped by alien ship and you are left with no other option than to steal an alien ship which is under the custody of the government. In the stolen ship, you will set off to find the aliens and rescue your girlfriend. On the other hand , you will also become the target of the government because you have violated laws. First you will have to learn how to fly this thing properly and then you will be able to catch on the enemies. The ship has some really exciting gadgets and weapons which you can use to your advantage. A lot of exciting scenarios and a great depth of options have been incorporated in the game which is better to experience rather than to read. So I would recommend it to all of you.

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