Flying Corps

Simulation 1996 Windows Empire Interactive Flight World Wars Military flight

Stunning flight simulation

It is a flight simulation game which is based on the theme of the World War 1 and is one of those which has really depicted a realistic flight war gameplay. You have 6 different planes in the game which are the ones that were famous in those times. The good thing about the planes is that they have been modelled perfectly and have been given a lot of details. You have both instant playing mode and the campaign mode for doing a wide variety of missions. Coming to the planes again, the inner dynamics have been made with a good number of details which allow you to check the speed, the height of the aircraft, the targets, situational awareness and many other on board options which you can easily use and implement in the gameplay. So you can easily say the user interface in the gameplay is very good and interactive. The flight dynamics are realistic and really pose a challenge to the gamer. The graphics have been given a lot of details and the exploration value is simply better than most of the simulations. The A1 is you can say top notch and the controls are perfectly calibrated to the flight control. Its sequel Flying Corps Gold also made a good fan base and both are must to have in your collection.

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